About E-Camp

Are you looking for a great place to work on your English, make friends, and have a lot of fun?  Then you should check out English Camp.  Every summer, about 150 youth from all over Austria enjoy a week of camp with us.  Not only do  we consistently have a lot of fun, find new friends and improve our English.  We also have a great time learning about God and talking about what’s important in life.  Interested?  Join us next summer.
- Dave Osterhus
(for the Ecamp Team)
Camp is fun
Camp rules

The Real THING
 Great Staff
of Austrian and American counselors and English teachers make for a fun, friendly, and safe time for youth.
 Great Campers
Cool Jugend and Teenies from all over Austria and a few from other European countries make camp what it is.  “Camp is for the camper!”
 Great Places
The retreat houses we use for camp, the Alphof in Reutte and the Schwaigmuehle by Salzburg, are well-kept houses on beautiful locations with many great opportunities for fun and learning.
“Das Essen war interessant 
und voll gut!!!! Wir hatten ein cooles 
Zimmer & eine tolle Leiterin! Weil viel 
Abwechslung war und alles gut vorbereitet, 
es machte einfach voll Spaß!!”
 25 Years of Camp!
Next summer will be our 26th summer of English Camp! We’ve been offering English Camp in Austria since 1993!
 Great Program
Our experienced staff does their best to plan a camp program that offers much fun and variety as well as quality learning experiences in a safe and friendly environment.

Learning English

  1. Daily English Lessons

  2. Unlimited Conversation practice

  3. Fun, relaxed learning

Other Activities

  1. Eating (good Austrian and American food:)

  2. Great group games

  3. Hikes and Adventure

  4. Chapel & Bible Study

  5. Rap group (discussion time for 14-18)

  6. Music & Singing

  7. Swimming

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“Mein English hat sich definitive verbessert. 
Es hat mir geholfen dass man die ganze Zeit Englisch geredet hat.
“English Camp is very cool and I enjoyed it!’’
“Ich war sehr weit entfernt von Gott
 und jetzt bin ich Gott näher gekommen!
“Mir ist klar geworden wir wichtig Gott in meinem Leben ist.”