English Camp Austria

Camp is a great place to improve your English.  Here’s why:

  1. 1)English lessons every morning (fun, interactive, conversation-focused).

  2. 2)Small-sized classes (about 10 students) with two or more teachers in each class.

  3. 3)The program throughout the day is led in English.

  4. 4)The teachers are fun, native English speakers from America (and other English-speaking countries).

  5. 5)The teachers are with you all day at camp, so you can practice speaking English all day long if you want to.

English Lessons and Such
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Was hat dir in mit deinem Englisch am meisten geholfen?
“Die native English speakers und die English Stunden = English reden”
	“English Lessons, mit Leitern reden”
	“Speaking with the Counselors or just listening to them.”
	“Gespräche mit muttersprachlich-sprachigen Englishsprechern.”
	“Die Gespräche mit den Natives.”
	“Weil wir oft nur English gesprochen haben.”
	“E-Lesson (talking)”